We Integrate.
With Purpose.

We allow businesses to accelerate their growth and make informed decisions about their digital future

What we do

We utilize cutting-edge technology for a data-driven future, enabling businesses to transform their goals into customized results.

Why we do it?

We connect your business to the future.

90% of organizations have a digital transformation plan for the next 1-5 years to stay ahead in competition. And we care about doing it right.

PlektonLabs was established by industry experts to mobilize organizations with agility and power by providing them with trailblazing technology and expertise to transform their businesses with ease and efficiency.

Event-driven APIs connected on a network

Enterprise Integration

Tap into the true potential of your business systems with integration

PlektonLabs offers a range of integration solutions in partnership with the giants of the industry. Our teams will tailor your integration journey according to your enterprise’s needs to reduce costs and optimize business processes.


CRM Solutions

All your customers, One holistic view

With one true source of information, your powers get limitless. Connected customer experience and knowing what the customer really wants is the key to unlocking all modes of rationalizing your sales moves.


Data Strategy

Direct your data with the strategy it needs

Our data strategy experts offer tailored roadmap to make the best out of your data. With over a decade of experience, we provide the best in class data warehouse systems for any reporting needs. And we do it to future-proof your initiatives with your data.


Cloud Solutions

Keep your cloud game up, without the headache

We have cloud solution strategists who will help you stay on top of the latest technology without lifting a finger. At the same time, you get the perks of limitless capacity, a boost in productivity, and iron-clad security for your data.


Integration Accelerators

Propel fast with PlektonLabs tools and frameworks

The PlektonLabs R&D team creates integration products to accelerate your projects. PlektonLabs products are certified by governing bodies and are referred by industry experts.



Vibrant across industries

No matter what sector your company is based in, we have seasoned experts who offer a range of tailored and out-of-the-box solutions. Together, we team up to lead your business into the future. From utilities to hospitality, we balance business, tech, and innovation for the ideal digital experience.​