Short Story About Our Company

Faster time to market is the key to success for any business organization. Prompt generation of interesting business ideas is never be enough to win the market if other important associated division, like IT, does not respond back quick enough. We have silos within silos in the same business organization, each of which has their own work processes. This causes duplication of data and process which leads losing agility. To be able to deliver the business requirement faster, the IT silo needs to be broken; a bridge between IT and business needs to be established. IT needs to provide easily pluggable services that expose reusable business data and processes. This enables business creating as many revenue channels as they want just by plugging into the corresponding services.

To achieve such agility, organizations need to build an eco-system in their IT division that must be able to integrate data, processes and applications across on-premises, cloud, mobile, IoT devices quickly as well as be able to achieve reusability. They also must be able to handle big volume of structured, semi-structure and unstructured data and make intelligent decision by utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies.

Plekton Labs Inc. is a research and development facility and a consulting company primarily focused on Mulesoft integration and AI based solution. In 2017, a group of industry leaders and academicians joined together to form Plekton Labs for bringing cutting-edge technologies to business organizations and transform their business digitally. The team members in Plekton Labs have the history of success in many big and complex integration projects in various business domains including Banking, Oil & Gas, Asset Management, Airport & Airlines and many more. The success of the team is measured by client satisfaction and service quality. Plekton Labs offer complete integration solution, starting from solution architecture, designing and developing APIs, building CI/CD pipelines, managing APIs, managing API market places, managing API clients, managing partners and many more. We help building the Centre for Enablement for an organization.

Based on Gartner report, there will be 50 billion internet connections by the year 2020. IT support and agility is becoming more and more important. Plekton Labs is ready. Are you ready?

P.S. The word “Plekton" is derived from particle physics, where “Plekton" is a theoretical particle that maintains braid statistics and hence, related to knot theory (resembles connectivities).

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    Nov, 2017
    Foundation of the Company

    We are specialized in many different domains including Banking, Home Services, Oil & Gas, Finance, Brewery and many more for digital transformation using Mulesoft technology.

  2. Jan, 2019
    Plekton Labs Inc. became the official name.

  3. Nov, 2017
    Sign contract for the first project

Our Vision

Plekton Labs is a Mulesoft consulting company that caters for all aspects of enterprise integration solutions, with an extensive network of Industry veterans aimed at offering the very best of knowledge in Mulesoft technologies by which transforming every operation big or small into a success. We carefully chooses its assignments by focusing on a domain specific solution and forging great partnerships with our clients, partners and employees.