C4E/CoE & Governance

Build your enablement team that actually works and delivers the results you want

C4E/CoE & Governance

Your enterprise requires overseeing when it comes to IT projects while making sure it has a number of reusable assets in its arsenal.

Why you might need this

Proper governance, a Center for Enablement, and a Center of Excellence make sure your business’s IT doesn’t go off the rails, take advantage of reuse and keep your team in line with the best practices. 

Here are some of the problems we saw in organizations at scale before proper governance:

Without reusable assets that are tried and tested, your project will need greater resources—and the project may still not work out. An enablement team helps reducing the number of duplications in your IT projects.

If your enterprise doesn’t have the governance it needs, it will have a tendency to not follow the industry standards, leading to mistakes and issues, and even security risks.

Scalability and quality both suffer when there is a lack of governance in the quality of the asset created, as well as issues with your CoE.

What is C4E/CoE & Governance

Ensure high quality delivery

Our experts have set up C4E and CoE teams in organizations to enable them to be fully self sufficient with integration technologies.

Our governance practice includes us installing the people and methodologies in place for and overarching view of the organization's integration efforts.

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Our Expertise

Organize teams with ease

Our experience in organizing the C4E/CoE foundation roles, structure, and establishment are proven to provide value for enterprise organizations as well as SMBs.

Our expert consultants put organizations in the path to maximizing the potential of integration projects in the organization.

Key features

Mitigated Project Risks

More Reusable Value 

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