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PlektonLabs Connector for Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) establishes communication between your Mule app and Enterprise Java Beans. PlektonLabs EJB Connector is applicable for JBOSS and Web Logic servers for all versions to work with EJB 3.0 and EJB 2.0 versions.

PlektonLabs EJB Connector v1.0.0 (Beta)


PlektonLabs created an EJB connector that connects a Mule application to an EJB server and can be used to retrieve data from the same. A user is required to first configure the connector based on server information. Users need to add the Weblogic/Jboss driver along with the EJB Service package. Based on the server type, user is required to configure the server properties which is used to create the initial Context. The following screenshot lists all the properties available for configuring the connector.

The connector is based on Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) for naming and directory services. For EJB 3.0 the user is required to provide lookup bean name and method name (where the business logic is given). Based on the Lookup bean name, the EJB connector is able to get the name of the remote interface. If the method has arguments, then the user needs to provide it. For EJB 2.0 the user is required to provide a Home Interface name, the method that creates the session, remote interface name, method name and JNDI name.

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