PlektonLabs Batch Manager Connector

PlektonLabs Batch Manager Connector v1.0

Increase Batch Processing Efficiency

MuleSoft provides an out-of-box connector to process the batch job efficiently. In many cases, ETL with batch components processes hundreds of thousands of records and takes hours to finish the job. Batch processors run in an asynchronous fashion and there is no visibility of the running job.

PlektonLabs created a batch manager connector to fetch the status of each and every batch job running in the application. It also provides operations to cancel, resume or stop batch jobs. Below is the screenshot that lists all the operations in batch components.

One of the applications of batch manager is producing a monitoring dashboard that shows the outcomes of the batch job processing. Namely- Successful, Stopped, Executing etc. According to the status of the batch job, the batch manager can cancel, pause, or resume a job. Typically, the flow is shipped in a mule plugin and installed in any mule application to have this functionality instantly.

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