Catalyst Launch

Confidently ramp up with integration tech

Catalyst Launch

Start off right with tried-and-tested methodologies and practices for your pilot

Why you might need this

For many organizations, the pilot project is extremely valuable in cementing the reputation of the integration tech. If not done well, the first implementation can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Here are some of the issues with not hitting the first project home:

Integration technology is expensive and that only sets the platform for failure if the initial project is not done by showing the right values to the business and IT. If done incorrectly, it creates a bad reputation for the technology in the enterprise.

In most technology adoption programs, we have seen the lack of skills make it harder for the organization to judge the platform and its capabilities correctly. With the right resources, that is taken care of.

Each technology is vast in its own way and for an organization, getting started with the technologies can be daunting in the sea of configs and documentation

What is Catalyst Launch?

Stand up with integration tech

Our team works with a range of stakeholders to make sure your pilot project hits the home run. We make sure we maximize focus on the key outcomes to deliver what's important for the organization.

We understand your unique requirements and take you along with your process, enabling you and your team to build long-term success with the integration technology you want.

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Our Expertise

Boost your practice with real experience

PlektonLabs consultants have worked with many businesses in North America to get a new integration platform up and running. With a 100% adoption rate, we have ensured the organizations harness the true power of the technologies.

We don’t just deliver on the short-term value of the pilot project but set the team up for long-term success with the right enablement teams and best practices.