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API Security Assessment

Create an impenetrable fortress for your APIs and data

API Security Assessment

Prevent security breaches that come from loopholes in API security.

Why you might need this

APIs are the middlemen that connect applications and transfer data, so a single breach is enough to put your PII and CI at catastrophic risk.

Here are some of the issues we noticed in organizations at scale without proper API Security Assessment:

Businesses tend to tighten security after a breach has already happened. With proper assessment, you can prevent them from happening altogether.

With a lack of a holistic approach to API security, threats can be difficult to spot from afar. Our service ensures a comprehensive view to protect your data from all sides.

Security protocols that are overly complicated can result in complacency where warnings are not heeded.

What is API Security Assessment

Your one-stop-shop for API Security

Our consultants have in-depth experience with APIs and how they behave. Adding Noname's platform capabilities, we provide a complete solution for your API discovery and remediation strategy.

Our team engages with your cybersecurity, C4E, and API teams to enhance security posture management by discovering all APIs and their hidden vulnerabilities with ease.


Partnered for Complete Security Relief

Our security partner, Noname is one of the industry leaders in API Security. Together, we work to minimize vulnerabilities for our clients.

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Our Expertise

API expertise meets security expertise

Our history with APIs stretches out over multiple decades. With experience, we have built protocols and frameworks to keep our clients from any unfortunate breach.

Our expertise in API is complemented by Noname's security expertise. Together, we ensure clients have what they need to be aware of all the protocols, policies, and measures in place.

Key features

Layer and Purpose-based Security Analysis

Complete API Security Control

Zero-Trust Security Model

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