Our primary services

MuleSoft Integration
Plekton Labs is one of the highly experienced and MuleSoft consultancy companies. We have implemented numerous enterprise organizations in North America to solve their integration problems using MuleSoft. We help our clients' to organize building complete API platforms with management, governance, monitoring, and analytics. The starter dev kit of Plekton Labs reduces almost 30% of the development time.
Solace Event Processing
With the strength of huge integration experience, Plekton Labs helping organizations designing their IoT, telematics and event mesh based on the Solace event processing platform, PubSub+. Plekton Labs is one of the proud partners of Solace. Together, we are bringing cutting edge technology solutions and delivering to our valued clients. Plekton Labs also provides recommendations on improving the platform utilization ratio.
Resource Augmentation
You already have a team to run your MuleSoft integration projects but need additional resources to take some Muley loads? Our highly experienced MuleSoft team members can help your team and contribute in finishing your project with ease and success. Our resources are well trained and certified by MuleSoft.
Plekton Labs boosts up the Salesforce.com integration to align organizations with their business stakeholder goals. Innovations and implementations are fast paced with Plekton Labs' adept group of resources. We maximize ROI with detailed insights and smart adaptations.
Data Strategy, Management & Governance
Plekton Labs Data engineering team can show you the real value of your unutilized or under utilized data in the best possible ways. Our data engineers are master in big data management, master data management, data backup and archive strategy, enterprise data warehouse and analytics platform. We are also always closely working with best breed machine learning algorithm to model, train and predict.
Managed Services
Are you spending a lot of time managing your existing applications and infrastructure whereas you are supposed to innovate and implements new projects? Let us take care of your integration environments, business as usual (BAU) project, infrastructure, and applications so that you focus on taking the challenge in your digital transformation.

Our Expertise


Legacy Modernization

90% of IT decision-makers think legacy systems are holding their organization back from achieving operational efficiencies and innovation. Unlock your legacy data using APIs.


Connectivity with IoT

70% of IT decision-makers are already integrating wearable technology or plan to do so in the next 12 months.


Digital Transformation

Since 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list


Enterprise Integration

Only 36% of IT leaders report their organization offers a completely connected customer experience.

Recent MuleSoft reusable components and frameworks developed by Plekton Labs

The objective of the Mule Error Handling Framework is to centralize the error handling mechanism and to provide operation units facility to identify and configure the error handling rule. The current framework incorporates replaying, email notification and support ticket creation features.
Batch Manager connector gives more visibility over a batch job.
We have developed a better migration process from Mule 3 to Mule 4

MuleSoft Integration

Applications Network
We help you build the applications' network for your business domain. This enables more business opportunities as well as helps the IT department build better infrastructure for fail-over.
Solution Architecture
Our architects can help your organization deciding cloud resources allocation, data-residency, load balancer, DR setup and many more to meet your SLAs.
API Eco-systems
We help our clients to design API eco-systems that help reducing duplication of APIs, managing API catalogs, versioning, depreciation, and disposal of APIs.
API Management
Achieving better access control, monitoring, SLAs require enabling API gateway and runtime agent, and build the solution with proper utilization of Mulesoft API management capabilities.
API Governance
When your organization has hundreds of API-endpoints serving different business use-cases, you need proper governance. Starting from product design, implementation, CI/CD pipelines, API management, API versioning, disposing of APIs and so on, in every step there are standard roles and responsibilities in the API governance system which are all efficiently handled by us.
API Analytics and complex event processing
Plekton Labs can help to build your API analytics. We also create ESB applications to handle complex business events. Our design & developed reusable components and frameworks are very highly optimized.
API-Led Connectivity Model
API-Led Connectivity model is a classic approach of dividing all of your APIs into three different layers: Experience Layer, Process Layer, and System Layer. It helps in achieving re-usability and agility at the same time. We have implemented thousands of API endpoints for our clients using the API-Led Connectivity model and managed them using the MuleSoft API manager. We are proud to be part of our customers' success stories.
On-prem & Hybrid
We help you architecting your Mulesoft solution on-premise or hybrid. The hybrid solution offers runtime plane on-prem with cloudhub control plane which allows easy use of API and runtime Manager. We make sure your API gateway agent, runtime agent, monitoring agent, etc are all set up to enjoy the full API management capability.

Business Domain Experience

Home Services
We are helping leading home service organizations in North America for their legacy modernization and digital transformation projects. Starting from the establishment of C4E (center for enablement), Plekton Labs is helping organizations implementing MuleSoft solutions in multiple initiatives. All of our clients chose to build their applications network based on the API-led connectivity model.
Telematics IoT
We have been working on a number of exciting and mission-critical IoT projects that involve fleet management and notification management by Telematics integration. The Telematics events are efficiently handled and processed by the combination of the MuleSoft API-led connectivity model and publisher-subscriber model.
Asset Management
The team member in Plekton labs has experience in working with one of the biggest asset management companies in the world. We have developed integration interfaces for its residential asset management system by synchronizing data between different systems
The automotive industry needs more real-time integration and guaranteed deliveries of the messages. Plekton Labs has been working with many reputable automotive companies in Canada and the USA helping them redesigning their integration platforms. We are using API-led connectivity to achieve reusability. The additional messaging broker has also been used to achieve reliabilities. Plekton Labs is contributing to achieving data quality, integrity, privacy and security.
Oil & Gas
The team member in Plekton Labs helped on-premise integration interfaces to translate, transform and exchange data between different systems. The majority of the initiatives are intended to achieve operational excellence by automating the process in oil exploration, production, operation, and prediction process faster and efficiently.
Developed interface for Engineering companies in Canada that integrates MS Great Plains and Salesforce. The interface synchronized accounts, address, aging, an invoice with line items, quote with a line item and others, between MS great plains and Salesforce.
We have been working with major Brewery companies in North America in their CRM integration projects. Major integration endpoints include SAP, Teradata MDM, Salesforce, Certify and many more. Plekton Labs has re-designed the middle layer of few Brewery companies from point-to-point integration to API-led connectivity model. Our clients now have better visibility of their API consumptions by their partners.
The major challenge for the insurance broker is to evaluate the customer demands and find the best insurance plan based on the number of factors. Plekton Labs is helping the insurance broker by combining API-led connectivity models and optimal ETL processes. ETL processes are tuned for performance to load millions of records per day from different partners and clients and store it into a data warehouse.
The first API-led connectivity was implemented by Plekton Labs is in the retail domain. To achieve better customer experience through our client's e-commerce site, we have created system APIs for all the different backend systems. ERP system and Logistics to automate the customer order and shipment process.
Banking & Finance
Plekton Labs has a very strong background in Open Banking and Digital Banking platform. We have implemented 600+ APIs for major banking and financial industries in North America. We have designed API with multi-layers security by adding WAF, Security Policies, Setup up authentication, application authentication, authorization, risk-based authorization without compromising the performance and user experience. Currently, we have been actively working on implementing PSD2.
Plekton Labs has well exposure on developing APIs, schedule jobs, orchestrator applications in telecommunication industries. We helped out clients integrating their accounts and sales data between different children systems such as SAP, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MS. Great Plains etc.
Airport & Airlines
Airport & airline is one of the mission-critical domains where reliability, responsiveness, and high accuracy is a must. Our highly experienced MuleSoft team members helped a major airport in Canada to achieve operational excellence such as in the gate management system. We have used reliable integration patterns using IBM WebSphere MQ and API led connectivity model.

Major systems that we integrate everyday

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
EGD Billing System
Points Loyalty
OSIsoft PI asset framework
Simense XHQ
Enterprise Data Warehouse
Chase Payment Gateway
TSYS Credit Card Aggregator
Dell Boomi
OSIsoft PI Historian
Temenos T24
InComm Prepaid Cards
Milliard Refrigeration Services
Blackhawk Giftcards
Trans-Canada Pipeline System
North Star Billing