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5 Great Reasons for Using Salesforce Service Cloud 

Customer Service

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island without internet, there’s a very fat chance you have an idea about what Salesforce can do for enterprises. Salesforce is the world’s top integrated CRM platform. It essentially teams up with your organization to deliver next-level customer service, making things easier for the employees on your end as well. There are loads of services and/or products that this platform has to offer, but today we are going to look into the Salesforce Service Cloud.

So, what does this mean for businesses? The Service Cloud makes customer service much more satisfying for all parties involved. It makes interactions with customers much more personal, ensuring improved availability as it supports customer interaction on various platforms. Moreover, it also ensures that your business can derive useful insights from every individual customer interaction, and use them to map future strategies. At its core, it helps businesses solve problems for their customers more quickly, and with ease.

Salesforce Service Cloud Advantages for Businesses

If you haven’t implemented the Salesforce Service Cloud yet, these 5 benefits may just change your mind!

  1. Mobile-Centric Platform

Customer service doesn’t need to pause just because an agent is away from their desk. The Salesforce software supports employees and customers using their cell phones regardless of location using a mobile-first system. As a result, clients and their customers can create meaningful experiences through easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools and Salesforce’s mobile app. This works out for professionals as it helps resolve issues faster while out in the field. All in all, this mobile-first approach ensures better availability, faster problem-solving, and a means of engaging customers while in the field.

  1. Personalized Customer Experiences

Besides giving customers the option to access services on their cell phones, Salesforce offers countless ways to improve customer experiences. The platform enables customer service staff to assist their consumers instantaneously and in real time, providing all sorts of information whenever needed. The use of a live agent means that customers will be able to communicate with personnel as soon as they land on particular pages. 

More importantly, agents can even interact with customers looking for help by engaging them on various social media platforms, even switching from social media to another method of communication effortlessly. Keeping meticulous records and documentation of these interactions will ensure that the business understands its customers better, and look for ways to improve customer service further.

  1. Purposeful Collaboration

Collaboration within an enterprise is crucial as it ensures transparency and drives creative thinking and innovation. Salesforce Service Cloud offers opportunities for smart collaboration where employees can share experiences, advice, and moments of teaching and learning. Agents and staff with greater expertise and working experience can direct newer team members. 

In addition, the Service Cloud can be used to share documents which in turn allows agents to mull over problems and work to uncover solutions together. This feature allows supervisors to track and evaluate the performance of individual team members without the need for immediate customer feedback.

  1. Self-Help for Customers

Perhaps the best thing about the Salesforce Service Cloud is that it empowers customers, enabling them to help themselves. Customers and potential clients will have no shortage of options if they want to get in touch with your business, at their convenience. Self-help is also important as they will have the option to search for solutions themselves, and implement these solutions—without having to speak to a customer service agent at all!

Moreover, the platform has communities where customers can talk to each other, and discuss solutions and things that worked out for them. The use of periodical customer surveys will keep the business in the loop about how customers feel and what they could be doing better. And customers will understand that the business genuinely cares about their feedback.

  1. Lots and Lots of Available Integration Options

The Salesforce Service Cloud is all about integration: software, applications, programs, you name it. Some of the common applications that Salesforce works well with are MailChimp, Slack, FreshDesk, Mailjet, and others. Together, these will make your communication systems much stronger and more seamless. 

In a Nutshell

The Salesforce Service Cloud is a treasure trove of valuable services that will give your customer service a serious leg-up. The best thing about this platform, however, is that it gives your business a great view of how things are going, set metrics based on your long-term goals, and while you keep your eye on the prize. Experts always claim that customers are the heart and core of any business, so it is always worth investing in a platform meant to take care of customer service and all its complexities. If you want to learn more about Salesforce and what it can offer, check out the Salesforce services on our website.

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