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Top 5 reasons to invest in MuleSoft RPA

Productivity with MuleSoft RPA

Having trouble feeding data into your system repetitively? Or having to extract a bunch of emails from months past? Or are you overloaded with complex multi-step workflows in your organization?

Chances are your work efficiency is constantly being dictated by repetitive tasks. What you need is a tool that will perform these repeatable tasks in a regulated manner. What will aptly meet that need is MuleSoft RPA!


Capabilities of MuleSoft RPA

MuleSoft’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows any organization the capability to automate “any system and business process at scale.” This platform intuitively automates repetitive tasks done by your teams with software bots. Thus, allowing your teams to work more efficiently and boost their productivity. Moreover, it helps cut labor costs and ensures task-related regulation compliance (reducing the possibilities of inevitable human errors). When you are building a composable enterprise and still need access to legacy systems that have no API, RPA is a very effective and efficient way to automate them. And you can use MuleSoft RPA without having to write codes and you can run it on any system with a UI. What’s included in the MuleSoft RPA are, 

  • MS RPA Manager 
  • MS RPA Builder 
  • MS RPA Recorder 
  • MS RPA Bot 

With all the prowess of this application, you can achieve end-to-end automation seamlessly. Through RPA’s basic and advanced steps, the built-in design studio can learn about the system it is starting to automate. MuleSoft’s RPA bots can interact with applications or systems in the same way as humans do. And, thereafter, intuitively automates those repetitive human tasks, eventually limiting some inevitable human errors.


Strengths of MuleSoft RPA

These are the key benefits of using MuleSoft RPA

Efficiency Boost: With MuleSoft RPA you can easily automate your systems’ data extraction and data entry. Click-heavy tasks like this can easily take up a lot of time for your skilled employees with specialized knowledge. For example, your finance department can save 25,000 hours of avoidable work in a year with RPA. Says who? Gartner!


Accuracy Boost: MuleSoft RPA can learn about your system click-based work intuitively. As long as you correctly generate the script for RPA, it will not make any mistakes. 100% of the time, it will consistently and accurately perform that task in conformance to task regulations. Your enterprises’ payroll processing, invoice & payment processing, inventory & supply management, anything can attain 100% accuracy, with no future risks, with MuleSoft RPA.


ROI Boost: The 1-10-100 Rule, driven by the “Cost of Quality” rule, states that the cost of Prevention is less than that of Correction, and the cost of Correction is less than that of Failure. If you can prevent inevitable human errors in tedious repetitive tasks, you should! MuleSoft RPA saves you time and money with its hyper-automation capabilities. But apart from these numeric metrics for ROI, MuleSoft RPA also allows your employees to offer their value to the enterprise. With recurring tasks out of the way, they can focus more on strategic activities required to take your organization towards its vision. 


End-to-end Automation Boost: Your teams can easily connect modern applications to your existing system with RPA. You can seamlessly integrate modern apps like Slack, Stripe, and Workday by integrating RPA bots with Anypoint Platform, Composer, and other systems to automate workflows with or without an API. You don’t have to eliminate your much-required legacy system to modernize your enterprise. MuleSoft RPA can reach out to your legacy system and link it to modern technologies.


Scalability Boost: Just like APIs, RPA bots can be reused for various projects. If you have built a script on MuleSoft RPA that allows a group of bots to fetch data from one application, you can feed that script to another set of bots to do the same task on another application.

With growing business complexities, it is important to adopt solutions that will allow you to scale and innovate. And RPA is the future of the workforce. You don’t have to hire more people to do more tasks. You simply give them to robots offered on MuleSoft RPA. What was once an employee’s recurrent task, now can be the robot’s recurrent treasure. 


In a Nutshell

If you are striving to improve productivity, enhance the customer experience, and accelerate the process of developing services that do exactly what your customers want, you need MuleSoft RPA. The industry of Robotic Process Automation is quickly growing as more and more IT leaders are working to eliminate repetitive tasks and drive more productivity. MuleSoft RPA can help you achieve that by intelligently processing documents, entering data, or acting on the user’s behalf, all without any code! If you are thinking about bringing these RPA capabilities to transform your business, PlektonLabs has the right experts for you! 

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Productivity with MuleSoft RPA

Top 5 reasons to invest in MuleSoft RPA

Having trouble feeding data into your system repetitively? Or having to extract a bunch of emails from months past? Or are you overloaded with complex

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