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The global pandemic has forced us to rethink and find a different approach to what we perceive to be normal. All of a sudden, the daily activities which we almost took for granted in our lives seem to be barred leaving us searching for an alternative method. As businesses and organisations across the world cope and find ways to carry out its usual activities, the term “new normal” is becoming extensively prevalent. New normal is essentially the situation we are in right now. We are maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers, all of which are attributes of the new normal. Most businesses opted for different means of virtual communication and work from home has become the new standard. With the pandemic in effect, we are realizing that the scopes of jobs are not limited to the office space or a fixed 9 to 5 disposition. Rather it is possible to uphold similar productivity given we utilize the technological advancement at our disposal. 

In a post-pandemic world, the trend of daily activities is not expected to revert to its previous state. As many businesses are now realizing the effectiveness of IT and digitization in bypassing human interaction, it is expected that the demand for IT personnel will continue to rise. In this article, we will try to focus on some best practices to stand out while in remote work and increase career progression prospects.

Taking on Responsibility

Every organisation looks for responsible and leadership qualities among its recruits.  Just because work from home policy doesn’t let you be around your boss all day, doesn’t mean you can’t stand out within the existing opportunity.

Try to ensure that you complete your allocated task before deadline. Be proactive in every activity and volunteer for additional responsibility. Sure working from home doesn’t make it any less strenuous, but it gives flexibility regarding work management. Try and take leads in the meetings and dress appropriately. Sincerity and earnestness will go on a long way to stand you out among the rest.

Put your skills out there

As IT personnel, you may have expertise in certain areas where others might be lagging. Use your expertise to your advantage and demonstrate them at your work and meetings. Sharing your ideas and skills will not only help you to naturalise in a leadership role among the team, but it will also promote growth and cooperative mind-set among the organisation.

Putting out and showcasing your skills and achievements will help you to stand out in the organisation. Besides, it can be a great way to develop a portfolio for any future prospective employer.

Never stop growing

You might be thinking of being an expert in certain fields is all it takes to be successful in organisational hierarchy. But that is not the case. Technology is evolving and so are the skills associated with it. What you know or are an expert in might not be the same in a few years.

The key here is to never stop learning and keep a growth mindset. Rather than being content with what you already know or are an expert at, challenge yourself to learn new things. This can be within the bounds of your discipline or outside. Say you work for web content development. It won’t hurt to learn the basics of your peer discipline like project management, supply chain methods, UX development, etc. In modern work culture, the more diverse your area of expertise is, the more is your favourability. Use the additional time to learn new things or update your existing skillset. It will go a long way in career progress.

Situational Awareness

Technology and its trends are constantly updating and changing. With it changes the flow of the industry. When Steve Jobs first introduced the Macintosh in 1984, that brought a revolution in modern personal computing. Usage and application of computer were not limited to the big corporations and industries anymore and the trend changed forever.

In today’s age of global connectivity, it’s easy to get ideas about future trends in the industry. you should take the cues and make yourself ready for the next big thing. The last thing you want is to miss out on a big opportunity simply because you didn’t have adequate knowledge. Constantly updating yourself will put you at the forefront of industrial change and make you an easy pick for the organisations.

Lead the Way

Be adaptive to changes. Rather than being stuck on something that might become obsolete, adapt yourself to any form of organisational change. Suggest new and innovative ideas and participate or hold a brainstorming session. Be a leader and embrace organisational changes from the forefront. Be open to ideas and try out new initiatives.

The more availability and changed mentality you show, the more desirable you become as an employee.

Be Communicative

Though the necessity of this point has been implied throughout, yet it deserves a special mention. In the modern world, communication is the key. Communication is necessary at every level of organisational interaction. Your communication with your peers will help you to become a team player. Communicating with the seniors is necessary to be distinct about your ideas. You don’t need to appear as an all-perfect employee. Communicate to learn from your surroundings as well.

Accepting your lacking and working on them only shows growth. And personal growth is a highly valued organisational trait.

The global coronavirus situation has put a lot of things into a different perspective. The changes only signify and bolsters the idea that in the future, we will become more and more tech-dependent. The technological landscape itself is changing constantly. So there is no other way but to be proactive and scour out every possibility and opportunity to climb the organisational ladder. We never know whether this new normal will ever revert to the normal as we have known, but one thing is certain that opportunities are open just as before. You just need to step out and cease them.

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