A mule application can have single or multiple mule flows. Mule applications can be completed using only flow or flows.
One of the prime aspects or goals of a business is to ensure business continuity. In modern business models, continuity
Once upon a time, there was a Microsoft SQL Server named DB007 running in a data center in an enterprise
Topic: Introduction to the Salesforce.com Platform Speaker: Arijit Roy, Solution Architect A webinar could be the best way to reach
Introduction After gaining huge popularity with mule 3, Mulesoft decided to release mule 4 with a drastic change. They re-implemented the engine,
The coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge of lockdown all across the globe. In these trying times, people are forced
April 2020. The world had gone eerily silent. The streets were empty; popular tourist destinations and religious sites were laid
Legacy systems are operational software that was designed and used for various business and tech-related landscape solutions. Notice how we
The world has seen a large-scale digital transformation in recent years. While many different sectors have moved on with the
Running a business is not an easy task. Especially considering the numerous logs and cross-checks required for a particular product
Imagine yourself as a service agent for retail giants like Amazon or Alibaba. What is the first thing you notice?
The energy sector is all about improving the processes that aid in efficient energy production and consumption. This in turn
In MULE 4 when a event is processed Messaging errors happens within the flow when there is some kind of
This short tutorial discusses how the objects in a Mule event change when an external source is called through the