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A List of Online Courses That Are 100% Free

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Have some time to spare, but you aren’t sure how to fill? Interested in learning a new skill that will give your resume a boost? Why not enroll in online courses that cost little or nothing? This article compiles a bunch of ways that you can keep learning without having to go back to school!

1.  Computer Science Degree That’s 100% Free: Github Computer Science

The list of my favorite free courses is Open-Source Society University (OSSU). Here you can find out what you need to learn at each step of an entire computer science undergraduate degree. And some links that show you where to learn them from. The courses linked are mostly classes taken by teachers from MIT or Harvard. So, if anyone has 2-3 years’ worth of time and wants to be a world-class programmer, I would suggest completing all the free courses on this list. No one out there can stop you!

2.       Discover Machine Learning from Google Engineers 100% Free

If you want to Learn Digital with Google, you will find lots of free courses. Most of the courses are taught by Google’s engineers. There are also many great courses provided by several universities working with Coursera. They are 100% free. But that’s not all. Most of these courses also provide certificates!

A Crash Course on Machine Learning is both entertaining and eye-opening.

If you don’t request a certificate, Stanford’s Machine Learning course through Coursera is 100% free and taught by the most popular machine scientists.

3.       Learn Digital Marketing for Free:

Digital marketing continues to be a sought-after skill, so this may be the added polish your CV needed. You can easily learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google, and you even get a certificate at the end!

Facebook also has a learning directory from which you can go through courses on digital marketing. Or, why not make use of HubSpot’s free course on Email Marketing?

Last but not least is my personal favorite: Coursera’s program on The Strategy of Content Marketing from UC Davis. If you want to get into content marketing, there is no better place to start learning than this. While you’re at it, why not learn the secrets of SEO Specialization from Coursera as well?

4.     Web Development 100% Free:

If anyone has six months to a year and wants to be a web developer, then I would suggest going to Free Code Camp to learn about web development. It will teach you through step-by-step guidance what it takes to be a world-class web developer. If you get stuck anywhere, you can go to the forum and ask questions. You also don’t have to pay a fee for the whole course.

5.   Masters in Data Science 100% Free:

Want to get a Data Science Masters for free? Then take a look at GitHub’s impressive curriculum on Data Science. This open-source syllabus covers all the important areas, provides reading material, and even includes a capstone project you can work on.

6. Learn About Start-Ups:

Y Combinator, one of the most well-known providers of funding for startups, offers a free course called Startup School

Besides this, there is no shortage of courses if you want to do more courses. For instance:

Learn how to start a startup with Udacity—this is free and takes just a month to complete!

Coursera can teach you how to think like an entrepreneur, while this will teach you how to think when starting a business.

7.   Computer Science Related Courses:

For those who want to learn about Programming, I’ll start with this EdX course on Computer Science with teachers from Harvard. It is self-paced and takes around 12 weeks if you put in the work.

Or sign up to join this fun Data Camp for learning about Python. 

Like the adrenaline rush that competitions give you? Coursera’s option for Computational Thinking will boost your problem-solving abilities. But that’s not all, because Coursera also comes through with a Python Course for beginners.

8. Graphic Design Courses:

Many people involved in Graphic Design will have heard of the name Canva. That very same Canva has a free course on Graphic Design Basics which is a good place to start.


To specialize in graphic design, you obviously need to learn graphic design. You need to learn typography. You need to learn things about creating a new brand. In addition to this, you need to learn some principles about design. (I’m not a designer. I learned this from Google).

Coursera’s Specialization on Graphic Design is a pretty good place to start as it covers all bases. Alison also has a course on Graphic Design that many people find useful.

9.     The Most Awesome Place for Free Learning:

You can learn everything on YouTube; from running a thriving farm to growing potatoes on Mars. All you have to do is search. There are also school, college, university, career, freelancing, programming, math, and even dating tutorials on YouTube.

And so, YouTube just HAS to be included.

10.  The Best Online Courses:

This has a list compiled of the best free online courses available every year. From the top-rated courses online to MOOCs from prestigious universities across the world, this site has it all.

There is no shortage of good courses online for free. So, let us know in the comments below what you think are the best free online courses.

Credit: Jhankar Mahbub

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