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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Wondering if it is worth deploying Salesforce Financial Service Cloud in your financial institution? You are not alone. Before investing we all like to know the value of our investment. Is it worth the investment? 

Yes, it is! You might even be losing a huge business opportunity just by not using it in your financial enterprise. This is one of the reasons why you must start using Salesforce Financial Service Cloud now but there are more too. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all those top 5 reasons to invest in the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. Stick to this blog to know more in detail. 

What are Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Before diving in, it is important to shed some light on the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. This state of technology is built solely for financial institutions or business firms. Unlike the Salesforce CRM, it has some unique features that help financial providers to provide more customized services for their customers using insights and holistic data they get from the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. 

Why Use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud 

By now, you understand what the Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is. It is a specialized software that is made only for the financial services industry. So, you can guess the benefit you get from this software won’t be available in others, as it is specially meant for financial industries.

So, let’s check out why you should invest in this forefront technology. 

  1. Boost Customer Satisfaction 

Just think, you meet a customer, and you don’t know anything about them. To know them better, you need to ask them lots of questions. You spend hours figuring out exactly what they want. Now the situation becomes more complicated when they revisit you. You have to look for their file, check why they were here and then you can give the service. 

No doubt this is something we are used to. The problem with this traditional method is that it kills valuable time for both you and the customers. Sometimes customers are in a hurry and this slow process might make them dissatisfied with your service. 

The Salesforce Financial Service Cloud knows this very well. With this software, you can see all the customer data in detail. So, the situation will be completely different if you use Salesforce Financial Service Cloud. You will know your customer, know why they are here, will know their financial needs, and then based on that information you can give them the perfect advice they are looking for. 

All these things can be done in just a few clicks. So you will be faster and your customers will be more satisfied than ever before. Moreover, you will gain their trust and retain them for the next time. Isn’t that a good reason to have software like this? 

  1. Decision-Making Made Easy 

We can not always make the right decision, but we can make informed decisions. No matter where you are working, your decision will affect your business. A single wrong decision can bring huge problems for any kind of business.  

With traditional methods, we make decisions based on our previous experience or based on our own intuition. Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is software that will ease your decision-making process. The software will bring all the relevant information that you need to proceed in one screen with a few clicks. So, with an abundance of information, you feel confident and can make informed decisions faster than ever before.

  1. Get Personalized Financial Advice 

We all love personalized advice. In the finance industry, this tailored advice means a lot. Because there is nothing called one-size-fits-all. We all have different financial situations and different portfolios. So, what is applicable for me won’t be right for you. 

But in the manual process giving such advice is impossible or too time-consuming. Salesforce Financial Cloud made it easier for you. In the system, you can get all the information regarding your clients. You can see their credit history, their financial situation with a few clicks. So, you will know what your customers want right now, and based on that you can give them tailored advice.  

  1. Reduce Complexity on Mortgages

We all know how difficult the whole mortgage process is. It takes time and you have to go through several processes to make it happen. For financial institutions, sometimes it becomes really tough to keep track of the progress. 

With the Salesforce Financial Cloud, the whole mortgage process will become simpler for you. This forefront software will bring all the data to one place. So, you can check the process from anywhere. Anyone from your institution can check in on the process, easily manage documents or all the relevant files required for the process, and can easily collaborate from this system.  

  1. Increase ROI

After going through all the above-mentioned benefits, you can easily understand how significant your organization will become if you invest in Salesforce Financial Cloud. You will stand out among your competitors. Your service will be faster, more accurate, and personalized, something that no one else can offer in the industry, making you popular among your customers and with stakeholders. 

No doubt these will lead to higher margins which will lead to the ROI. You can win over more clients, more customers, and so on. So, your ROI will soar through the skyーwhat you always wanted. A perfect reason to invest in such state-of-the-art technology, right?

Get Professional Help 

If you are still confused or need more clarification regarding this software you can always reach out to the professionals. PlektonLabs is an experienced Salesforce Financial Cloud consultant. 

PlektonLabs has experienced individuals who can lead you in the right direction. We’ve already helped hundreds of clients who experienced a significant change in their business after deploying Salesforce Financial Cloud. So, why would you lag behind? 

Final Thoughts 

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud is specialized software made only for financial institutions like yours. It has all the features that you are searching for, for many years. Investing in this forefront software will result in a higher ROI. You can make smart decisions and provide faster service than anyone in the industry. You can get professional help before investing in this software. So, why are you waiting? Talk to us, we’ll be glad to help! 

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