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The Next Phase for Businesses? Digital Transformation Through Artificial Intelligence

Data integration, cloud computing, and digital initiatives are often seen as the big players when it comes to digital transformation. But there seems to be a new sheriff in town: artificial intelligence and machine learning. The question remains一how will digital transformation through artificial intelligence benefit the average enterprise?

Artificial intelligence isn’t a concept from the far-flung future brought to us in the pages of an Asimov novel. The technology is already here and we often use it without a second thought: when we ask Alexa a question, or talk to a Chatbot on an e-commerce site.

This article will look at how businesses can leverage AI in the digital transformation process in order to offer and derive value to customers and from business processes. You will begin to see how it is possible to do so in the present, and the ways in which artificial intelligence enables your organization to keep up in a rapidly changing world.

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence: How They Drive Innovation and Growth

Here are just a couple of ways in which digital transformation, paired with artificial intelligence can take your business to the next level:

Enhanced Customer Support

AI has already changed the way businesses interact with customers. This is mainly because artificial intelligence makes customers so much more visible to businesses: it is much easier to collect data on consumer spending trends, preferences, and complaints. 

As a result, businesses find it easier to tailor their products and services according to customer needs and wants. AI makes it possible to compile customer data to create profiles and derive unique insights. It enables businesses to tap into unexplored markets and find new ways to improve customer experience, which always pays off in the long run.

Why? Customers are looking for the most personalized experience when they buy things or look for services. Artificial intelligence makes this easy, and as customer satisfaction goes up, so will revenue streams.

Similarly, AI-driven customer support solves issues much more quickly, and often, with more accuracy. Automating customer troubleshooting, upgrades, and other minor issues work as a double-edged sword: the customer is happier with the service, and your employees can work on more creative, challenging tasks. 

Improved Security

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence is used to reinforce other measures that keep your data safe. In fact, a large percentage of companies already use AI to prevent security violations and identify potential intruders.

Utilizing AI for cybersecurity is useful because automation makes it possible to process large amounts of data. In the future, all businesses will use artificial intelligence for security because it has a faster response time and resolves issues much more quickly, and provides better overall digital security.

Superior Analytics and Decision-Making

Data-driven strategies are all the rage, and artificial intelligence plays a major role in their rise to popularity. Because automation makes it easier and faster to process enormous amounts of data, it becomes much easier to deal with data that is broken out of siloes. 

Because of this, AI makes deriving valuable insights and identifying trends much faster and more reliable. Using these insights, business leaders can make the right decisions for the organization, bolstered by reliable data and innovative technology.

On a similar note, it is predicted that artificial intelligence will take over many accounting tasks and processes. This removes the margin for human error and allows upper management to make better decisions regarding their business’s finances.

Smoother Day-to-Day Operations

AI becomes particularly useful in an organization when dealing with repetitive everyday tasks like scheduling meetings, sifting through applicant resumes, interdepartmental conferences, and other things that go into running a business.

This removes the need for employees to carry out these dull tasks, so they could be utilized where their skills can be allowed to flourish. In addition, automating these tasks can save money and direct valuable resources to areas that need them more.

Final Thoughts

There’s no getting away from the fact that digital transformation through artificial intelligence is already here and will play a major role in how businesses operate in the future. The faster your organization adopts AI into its framework, the easier it will be to use it to drive digital transformation later on. Doing so earlier also helps spot weaknesses and allows you to smooth over any wrinkles that may otherwise affect your business. Artificial intelligence has so much to offer to enterprises: increased profit margins, improved customer experiences, a boost in productivityーthe list goes on! Making use of all these advantages is bound to give your business a leg up over any competitors

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