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PlektonLabs Announces New EJB Connector

EJB News_PlektonLabs EJB Connector

December 22, 2021— PlektonLabs, a leading integration consultancy firm has launched its EJB Connector for MuleSoft 4.2.X in a move that will make it easier for developers everywhere to work with older legacy systems. Meant to manage enterprise data models with flexibility, the PlektonLabs EJB Connector is one of its kind, offering older systems a way to function more efficiently.

The PlektonLabs Connector for Enterprise JavaBeans or EJB Connector enables the communication between a Mule app and Enterprise JavaBeans. This Connector is well tested for JBOSS and Web Logic servers for different versions and can work with EJB 3.0 and EJB 2.0 versions.

With decades of experience, PlektonLabs prioritizes using the latest technology to help businesses reach their objectives through tailored solutions. The EJB Connector will remove the need for writing manual code for EJB operations, making it three times faster to develop and test products and applications.

At the same time, it increases productivity for developers as they will not have to write lengthy pieces of code themselves, greatly reducing the possibility of human error. More importantly, the EJB Connector will allow legacy systems to modernize at their own pace and utilize the EJB communication protocol with ease. 

Applicable for any system using Mule 4.2.X and later, the PlektonLabs EJB connector is one of the many tools and services the integration firm offers in its attempts to leverage data and enable enterprises to prepare for the future.

The release of this tool falls in with the company values: unlocking innovation and inspiring change in the industry. The PlektonLabs EJB Connector will be a real game-changer for major enterprises that rely on older systems and do not wish to replace their legacy software. Above all, it aims to save time and simplify the development process in a constantly evolving market where faster results are invaluable.

“We are all about giving our clients the smoothest integration experience,” says Wahid Mohammad, the Managing Director of PlektonLabs. “Having added a tool like the EJB connector to our product portfolio arms us to give our MuleSoft clients a higher degree of comfort in integrating between disparate systems.” He adds, “We have a couple more products in the pipeline that could drastically improve development time across different MuleSoft teams. We’re excited heading into 2022 as we roll out more products.”

About PlektonLabs

Plekton Labs Inc. was established by industry experts in 2017 to mobilize organizations with agility by providing them with trailblazing technology to transform their businesses. Pairing experience with expertise, the teams at PlektonLabs allow businesses to accelerate their growth and make informed decisions about their future. They utilize cutting-edge technology for a data-driven future, enabling businesses to transform their goals into customized results.

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