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Why Accessible Integration and Democratizing Innovation Are Important

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During a period marred by disruption and chaos at every turn, organizations learned one cold, hard truth: agility and quick thinking are the only way through crisis and disruption. And this, in turn, is proof that accessible integration is crucial to making innovation possible across all businesses and industries.

Equally important is the idea of keeping customers happy when things take a turn for the worse. Not only that, businesses that intuitively seek out and satisfy customer requirements can beat out their competition and strengthen their base in the industry.

How does this tie into accessible integration? Digital-first is quickly becoming the norm among most organizations. Despite this, a majority of companies do not have the technology or resources needed to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. With that being said, most companies aim to modernize processes more quickly and efficiently while meeting changing customer expectations.

The Importance of Accessible Integration

Speeding Things Up

The root of the issue lies where data is inaccessible. The inability to link data across various systems and applications inhibits smooth customer experience. Moreover, data silos impede connected customer experiences and just slow things down.

Accessible integration drives innovation by breaking data out of their silos. When all organizations provide open access to their data, it makes it easier for smaller businesses to provide better services more quickly.  When employees have the ability to unlock and integrate data it allows them to deliver critical, innovative, and time-sensitive projects at scale. 

Better Customer Experience

So how can organizations transcend innovation beyond the stifling boundaries of IT? Line of Business users and IT working in tandem provides the major force behind driving innovation and creating ideal customer experiences. A self-service model empowers everyone to harness data so that all ins of businesses can allow innovation everywhere in a way that’s secured and governed but not controlled by IT. 

Improve Overall Business Outcomes

This releases IT from the pressures of tactical integrations and constant maintenance, allowing them to concentrate on innovating and delivering high-impact projects.  Over half of LoB users are involved in coming up with new ways to improve digital service delivery, like creating an online self-service portal or customer-facing mobile applications. 

Great news, right? Using the right tools and mindset; one that is focused on discoverability, teamwork, and reuse – these LoB users have the chance to improve business outcomes and drive growth based on innovation for their organizations.

Improved Overall Connectivity

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform allows the empowerment of all parties in a company, ranging from IT to LoB, from small businesses to major enterprises, to unlock data and go digital much more quickly. With the announcement of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, businesses have the fastest and easiest way to connect apps and data to Salesforce with clicks instead of code. By leveraging the no-code integration solution, Salesforce managers and business users are allowed to unlock data and create connected customer experiences much faster.

The idea of delivering new innovative means to empower everyone to unlock data and create connected experiences is exciting. With the power of AnyPoint Platform, moving towards the idea of enabling the composable enterprise becomes a reality. 

This is where digital capabilities can be collected from existing applications using APIs, rather than being built from scratch every time. This helps to unlock innovation everywhere by creating wall-to-wall composability throughout the organization. With a composable enterprise model, any organization can decrease costs by deriving value from existing assets and bring forth innovation faster.

In a Nutshell

Accessible integration is one of those things businesses put off doing because so many other things are just more important. But this article is the mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to why accessibility is such a crucial factor. It is also important to remember that change doesn’t happen instantlyーso getting started as soon as possible is even more important, and makes it easier for everyone to adjust to evolving industry cultures. Integration is still relatively ‘new’, so why not take the first step and encourage others to follow you?

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