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Why Use Mulesoft / What Does Mulesoft Do

what does mulesoft do

Nowadays, we’ve gotten used to the seamless connectivity our applications have. Different technologies, devices, and software interact almost without any hiccup to deliver everything that we need with a touch of a button or a tap on our screens. 

In the recent past, while such connectivity was already present and affecting our day-to-day lives, the process behind it all was grueling and costs industries billions of dollars to execute. It’s a good thing that platforms like MuleSoft were established and paved the way for a faster, more innovative, and inexpensive system to get all of our data across varying applications. 

What is MuleSoft? What does it do?

Mulesoft is one of the most widely utilized integration platforms that help varying businesses connect their data, devices, and applications in both cloud computing environments and on-premise. 

It operates on top of the AnyPoint platform which is responsible for giving MuleSoft a multitude of tools that it utilizes to develop, organize, and test these application programming interfaces or APIs to support such connections. 

MuleSoft offers several services such as API integration, API Development, API Lifecycle Management, Applications Network, API Governance, Microservices, and many more. 

So, why use MuleSoft?

1. Fast-tracked delivery of results

MuleSoft is not only easy to implement and utilize but also delivers fast. This platform has pre-built assets as well as connectors that will enable integration rapidly for your projects. API development is also sped up multiple times due to several accelerators existing within this platform.

These reusable APIs will pave the way for your system to develop a solid foundation and in turn, they will significantly and effectively reduce the time you will spend on developing future projects. 

2. Airtight security

The AnyPoint platform which as mentioned is what makes MuleSoft run seamlessly has security and governance in all levels of an APIs’ lifecycle. The platform abides by the standard security as well as logging requirements made possible by automatically applying the exact set of security as well as policies across all APIs. 

In turn, API owners are given the chance to conceptualize, develop, and implement consistently secure APIs. As we all know, security is one of the top priorities on the web and if you send data across varying platforms, applications, devices, and systems. 

3. Tough as nails operations

Once you have speed, efficiency, and security in place, you’d want to have the most reliable platform to handle all of your data. With that being said, resiliency is key. You’re going to want to have a firm grasp on the infrastructure of your business so clients can always count on you being reliable and stable.

The MuleSoft platform is just intended to help you make smart business decisions with runtime performances and topology graphs. You will always know where you are currently at so there wouldn’t be any guesswork involved moving forward. 

This smooth-sailing operation should pave the way for better problem solving within your organization while at the same time maintaining resiliency. Aside from these qualities, MuleSoft should also offer scalability as no other platform does.   

4. Adaptive environment

Platforms such as MuleSoft can’t afford to be inflexible otherwise they won’t thrive at all. Luckily for a lot of us, they are and they’ve taken the meaning of that term to a whole new level.

Needless to say, they have one of the most adaptable platforms in this side of the industry as the entire premise of its system is meant and built for change. It’s got a future-proof foundation and employs a plug-and-play architecture that we’re pretty sure a lot of business operators will take full advantage of.

It’s versatile and will adapt to needed changes in requirements and you won’t even have to rebuild any of your API & integrations. You will have the capability to switch to a different deployment approach or maybe drop integrations at your system API layer for that won’t have a significant impact on your current Application Network at all.

5. Customer-oriented platform

At the very core of all these innovations is the goal to satisfy the needs of clients from varying industries. After all, data rules this digital age and if data is transferred seamlessly across systems then satisfaction is almost guaranteed.

Plans for enablement, C4E roadmaps & setup are driven by MuleSoft to ensure aligned interests and set up the foundations needed for success. A cross operational team i.e. between IT and business is set up for knowledge sharing as well as promotion of reusable assets. This is also true and useful for sharing API & best practices across the organization. 

Faster implementation of new solutions is made possible due to efficient delivery within the organization. The MuleSoft CSM or Customer Success Managers always targets the OBD or Outcomes-based Delivery approach. You as MuleSoft’s partner will have access to the Catalyst Framework.

In this framework, you will have access to reusable assets, playbooks, and templates. With this, you won’t have to constantly come up with something new which takes too much valuable time and resources for your standards and documentation. 

6. MuleSoft has partners across the industry

Since we’re talking about integration, adaptability, and seamless delivery of data across platforms then MuleSoft can’t just operate on its own, right? Mulesoft has had a long-standing partnership with a lot of other platforms and takes care of such partnership at all times so you as their client can take full advantage of them too.

Infomentum is one of such partners that makes MuleSoft’s operation as smooth as possible. An experienced as well as a knowledgeable partner goes a long way and will truly count when you needed them the most.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt about it, MuleSoft is going to keep you competitive, relevant, and endearing to your clientele. It’s more than just data transfer, it’s keeping the interests of your end-users at heart as you help them grow their platforms too.

With an environment meant for rapid development, out-of-the-box features, and an open-source, MuleSoft is truly one of the most innovative platforms of this modern age.

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