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Break Free from P2P Integration

Achieve reusability and scalability with MuleSoft API led connectivity. Get rid of your IT spaghetti due from Point-to-Point integration and step into the world of smoothest integration experience through API led connectivity. Talk to our experts to help you bring the smoothest integration experience to your next project.

Download the whitepaper that walks you through the use cases and problems the EJB Connector solves. 

The PlektonLabs EJB Connector is a free MuleSoft connector available to all developers and architects to use from the AnyPoint Exchange.

Scale with Agility

Use MuleSoft’s API-led connection strategy to provide reusability. Save money on IT integration and get results three times quicker. Bring scalable agility into your company with our expertise. Our team includes seasoned professionals skilled in today’s most popular integration technologies.

Get Mule 4 Migration Strategy

Are you still stuck in Mule 3? Get your definite migration strategy from our expert consultant and get a smooth getaway to Mule 4. Our expert team will make your migration journey effortless. We guide you through the phases of development and transition, collaborating with your team to keep you in the loop.

Untangle Your IT Spaghetti

We have helped organizations overcome their IT sprawls like slabs, siloed systems and spaghetti architectures with our expertise in MuleSoft. Our industry expert resources have successfully utilized the API led connectivity to help enterprises utilize their values of integration.

Get the most out of your
integration strategy in 2022

Crush your digital transformation goal in 2022 with PlektonLabs’ seasoned integration experts. Our team has seasoned pros who know the ins and outs of the top integration technologies. We lead you through the different stages of growth and change, working with your team to keep you in the loop at all times.

Integrate 3X Faster

Why worry about coding when you can use pre-built connectors and integration templates? Make your MuleSoft integration projects 3X faster. Use MuleSoft API-led-connectivity model to enable reusability across the organization. Let our expert consultants help you move forward with ease.

Going into 2023, data will continue to be the most valuable asset for businesses! You need to know how to maximize the value of your data via integration. Learn more here.

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