Plekton Entity Manager

Plekton Entity Manager is a web-based tool to manage enterprise data models. It can export data models and produce RAML specifications automatically with a simple drag and drop facility. The data models can be created manually or can be easily imported from JSON and JSON Schema.


Create, Edit and Delete Entities


Create entities to add properties and generate RAML.

Delete or Edit entities if there are errors in making them.

Create, Edit and Delete Entities Properties


Create entities properties to cater to your needs and generate RAML.

Edit and Delete entities to make changes or remove properties.

The following are the primary features in the current version:

Benefits of using Plekton Entity Manager:

Import JSON and JSON schema files


You can import JSON and JSON schema files to automatically create entities and entity properties.


We plan to add support for more file types in the future.

Generate Endpoints and Edit

Select desired entity by a left click and right click to find the generating functionality. 

Play around with the DnD feature to add, change or remove properties to your generated endpoints. 

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